Thursday, September 2, 2010

دلوں سے نظر سے خیال بشر سے
میں عکس  حیا ہوں مٹی جا رہی ہوں
جہاں سے زماں سے مکاں لا مکاں سے
میں نقش وفا ہوں مٹی  جا رہی ہوں


  1. very interesting thought:naqsh e wafa houn metti ja rahe houn

  2. A really beatiful title of blog and rings many beautiful lines from our poetry at the same time.

  3. akhtar sahib..sada e saaz ..jamila hashmi ke aik novel (jo ke mere khayal mein urdu ka behtareen novel hai) "dasht e soos" ke aik chapter ka naam hai

  4. I am a great fan of Jameela Hashmi and ‘dasht e sous’ is one of my favorite novels. She just writes fluently and expresses complexity so simply that one is amazed at this talent. The character of Mansur Hallaj is such an enigma in our religious history that biographers and historians have just failed to grasp his real essence but it was Jameela Hashmi and the literature that really solved the riddle. And what a title you have chosen.

  5. Huma Sahiba...

    This is so beautiful....I am so so...astonish...

    hmmm....nice potery....

  6. After reading this one phrase came into my mind "LIFE goes on" no one care if anybody has to go.... :)